4 Great and Free Tools to Create Tabs for Web Design

To get you started on building tabs for web design, we’ve listed a series of tab generating software tools that you are sure to love.

All of these tools are actually plugins. They are really easy to use, totally free and openly accessible. Your UI (user interface) design will be much simpler.

This software provides you with flexible, varied and intuitive ways of generating tabs. With them, you won’t have to code from scratch. Take a look at four great options.

Smart Tab

Smart Tab is a jQuery plugin that is extremely simple to use. This software is one of the ultimate choices when it comes to customized UI styles that match virtually any website.

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Easy Tabs

Easy Tabs is another plugin built on jQuery. Just as the Smart Tab, it is very flexible and intuitive. It is meant to support any stylesheet or framework. But it requires a bit more of your involvement to perfect the styling.

Skeleton Tabs

If you have ever used the Skeleton framework and fell in love, you will be glad to know that you can use the Skeleton Tabs plugin to help you with your UI design.

These tabs are known for adopting a minimalist approach, making them blend nicely in practically any website. In terms of the functioning and the behaviour of the tabs, the tool is also among the ones with the least errors.

Tabbed Content

This tab generating plugin is available for both jQuery and Zepto. In terms of variety and customization, Tabbed Content is by far the best tool on the list. Don’t be fooled by the bland default style. As we’ve said, the plugin is a top ally for designers and developers.

Any of these four high-performing software options can make designing user interfaces much quicker and more efficient.

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