3 Effective and Data-Driven Web Design Tips

With these three highly effective internet design tips, your website will be a space that users want to discover.

Make the speed of the website a priority

Website speed is often not discussed when it comes to internet design. But it’s an essential step. Everyone agrees that it should be a priority.

The speed of your website influences everything related to the user experience, from bounce rate to satisfaction levels and from conversions to, ultimately, your profit. In an era of instant digital consumerism, your visitors will simply not stick around if the site is slow.

In addition, you need to remember that search engines factor loading speeds into their rankings. If it is not top-notch on your site, it will never have the chance of appearing among the first results.

Keep the design simple

Even though your website design should definitely be unique and visually attractive, it should never be exaggerated and overwhelming.

Everyone has heard the saying: less is more. In web design, that principle still applies. Google has conducted studies which have shown that users typically don’t like too much visual complexity since it makes the site confusing.

On the other hand, a simple, clean and tasteful design makes visitors perceive the website as user-friendly, reliable and beautiful.

What are some measures you can adopt for simpler web design? For instance, you could rethink the sidebar. The growing trend is for websites to get rid of the sidebar and opt for a one-column design. It eliminates distractions and lets users focus exclusively on the content.

You could also assess if people feel comfortable with your website layout. It’s usually better to stick with standard layouts, although, of course, you can add your unique twist.

Prioritize scrolling over clicking

Even though it can sound counterproductive, putting all the content in one long page actually works.

In general, users like scrolling much more than they like clicking. If you are spreading information across several pages on your website, it’s probably better to re-evaluate and see how you can present it in fewer and longer pages.

Apply these three tips to see conversions and sales go off the roof!

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