2 Tips to Truly Upgrade Your SMS Marketing for Your Business

Besides focusing on your web design, you can optimize the power of traditional marketing efforts, such as SMS marketing campaigns directly to users mobile phones. Your internet and marketing design team can even help you in some aspects of the messages.

Have a team for SMS marketing

You are capable of fully leveraging the potential of your SMS text message marketing strategy.

But for that, you need a variety of skilled collaborators. Ideally, these are the people who should be involved in creating SMS campaigns.

A marketing expert, a location signage professional, a creative designer, a specialist in promotions, an expert in retail, a social media marketer and a financial analyst.

All of their functional areas need to be effectively coordinated. A timeline should also be strictly followed. Since SMS marketing is more and more immediate, the team needs to plan, strategize, execute and adapt regularly.

Incorporate call to action buttons

Call to action buttons are a great way to increase the engagement of your customers with your SMS marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, you want your target to not only read your texts but to interact with them and act accordingly.

The team that takes care of your internet design can be of great help to guarantee that these buttons link to effectively designed pages. Here are some of the best tested and proven calls to action.

Click here

Sometimes, it’s not ideal to put all the information you want to convey in just one text. But the goal is for the reader to be curious about learning more. Add a “click here” button and link it to videos, social media pages, maps or, most commonly, your website.

Text to win marketing campaigns

Most customers would be more than willing to text you back if they were given the chance to win a gift or a discount.

Asking them to text increases their engagement efficiently. It also keeps reminding them that your business is worried about providing its audience with special opportunities. Text to win buttons can truly leverage your traffic, conversion and sales.

Buy now

Although it can seem quite aggressive, “buy now” buttons are perfect for customers who want to cut to the chase. After reading the info on your text, your target audience will be able to click and immediately access the sales page of your products or services.

If they feel like it adds value, the entire buying process will be finished in minutes or seconds.

Put our tips into practice and discover that SMS is still a powerful marketing force!

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