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3 of the Best and Most Creative Web Design Ideas

When it comes to internet design, you need to be original to stand out from the rest. Adapt these three creative ideas to your website and see the users becoming much more interested.

Make the website interactive

creative web design tablet - 3 of the Best and Most Creative Web Design Ideas

You don’t want your users to have a passive experience when they visit your website.

They should be able to engage with your content and information. The easiest and most effective way to assure that happens is by including interactive elements on your website.

An interactive element is anything that gives users the possibility of adapting and tailoring their visit to the site by clicking and scrolling.

For example, what about adding a creative animation that allows visitors to access different pages depending on the part of the animation they click on? You can even make the animation turn brighter or move slightly as the user scrolls over it.

As you can see, opting for more interactive elements doesn’t mean that your website will be more confusing or difficult to browse. It can actually become more intuitive, clear, quick and engaging.

Use animations

creative web design 3d effect - 3 of the Best and Most Creative Web Design Ideas

Stemming from our previous example, we will get into the use of animations. Yes, animations can be hard to create, not to mention more costly. But they are a truly appealing way of providing users with a memorable experience.

Just by adding movement to an image, you can make sure that people will be instantaneously more attracted, interested and curious.

You can combine images that are constantly animated with those that are only triggered by scrolling over. Using these two methods will make visitors understand that there is always something more to discover on your website.

Needless to say, you should add animations to the messaging parts you want the users to keep in their minds, as their attention will be immediately drawn to those points.

But be cautious. Animations are supposed to be a powerful ally in getting your message across in an engaging way. They should never be too much of a distraction that your visitors remember the movements or the colours but don’t remember what they read.

Choose the best font

creative web design homepage - 3 of the Best and Most Creative Web Design Ideas

Although most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about it, fontshave a significant impact on how people perceive and interact with various websites.

Choosing a distinctive font is a small but effective way to add personality to your website. In addition, it will make the entire visual experience more original and differentiating. If you choose correctly, soon enough your users will instinctively associate the font to your website and your brand.

Online, you can access several resources that help you find a new font. You can even make things more interesting and use two or more different fonts.

But be careful. You should never use too many fonts. You also need to guarantee that they match well with one another and that the use for each one is consistent. For that, you can also browse the web for font combination tools.

With user interactivity, cool animations and captivating fonts, your internet design will reach new heights!


3 Effective and Data-Driven Web Design Tips

With these three highly effective internet design tips, your website will be a space that users want to discover.

Make the speed of the website a priority

Website speed is often not discussed when it comes to internet design. But it’s an essential step. Everyone agrees that it should be a priority.

The speed of your website influences everything related to the user experience, from bounce rate to satisfaction levels and from conversions to, ultimately, your profit. In an era of instant digital consumerism, your visitors will simply not stick around if the site is slow.

In addition, you need to remember that search engines factor loading speeds into their rankings. If it is not top-notch on your site, it will never have the chance of appearing among the first results.

Keep the design simple

Even though your website design should definitely be unique and visually attractive, it should never be exaggerated and overwhelming.

Everyone has heard the saying: less is more. In web design, that principle still applies. Google has conducted studies which have shown that users typically don’t like too much visual complexity since it makes the site confusing.

On the other hand, a simple, clean and tasteful design makes visitors perceive the website as user-friendly, reliable and beautiful.

What are some measures you can adopt for simpler web design? For instance, you could rethink the sidebar. The growing trend is for websites to get rid of the sidebar and opt for a one-column design. It eliminates distractions and lets users focus exclusively on the content.

You could also assess if people feel comfortable with your website layout. It’s usually better to stick with standard layouts, although, of course, you can add your unique twist.

Prioritize scrolling over clicking

Even though it can sound counterproductive, putting all the content in one long page actually works.

In general, users like scrolling much more than they like clicking. If you are spreading information across several pages on your website, it’s probably better to re-evaluate and see how you can present it in fewer and longer pages.

Apply these three tips to see conversions and sales go off the roof!

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2 of the Best Web Design Software Tools

You will be able to perform any kind of web design task with these two fascinating tools! Learn about what they can do for you, your business and your website.

Adobe Photoshop

web design software photoshop - 2 of the Best Web Design Software Tools

How could we talk about web design software and not mention Adobe Photoshop? It is simply the unquestionable market leader.

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to work not only on web design but on virtually any type of design project.

Photoshop lets you adjust any aspect of an image, as well as create totally new graphics from scratch, such as website layouts.

You can use multiple images as part of one project and decide on how to combine them. You get to use filters and perform transformations in order to fit them all together.

Even though it’s a software tool, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most manual web design resources you can find.

What we mean by that is it requires you to be aware of what you want to do and what you need to achieve. Only then will you be able to use all the functions effectively.

You need to take your time discovering everything Photoshop has to offer. Previous knowledge in design is also a great bonus. At the end of the day, each and every web design task can be done with Photoshop.


web design software gadgets - 2 of the Best Web Design Software Tools

Sketch is a tool exclusively tailored to web design. All of the features are provided in a way that perfectly answers to the needs of a web design project.

Working with Sketch is extremely intuitive, mainly because of the interface, the layout and the toolbars.

It makes it much simpler to use than Photoshop although, of course, it doesn’t have as many functions. Overall, Sketch is truly high performing.

Let these software tools be your allies in your web design strategy!


2 Tips to Truly Upgrade Your SMS Marketing for Your Business

Besides focusing on your web design, you can optimize the power of traditional marketing efforts, such as SMS marketing campaigns directly to users mobile phones. Your internet and marketing design team can even help you in some aspects of the messages.

Have a team for SMS marketing

You are capable of fully leveraging the potential of your SMS text message marketing strategy.

But for that, you need a variety of skilled collaborators. Ideally, these are the people who should be involved in creating SMS campaigns.

A marketing expert, a location signage professional, a creative designer, a specialist in promotions, an expert in retail, a social media marketer and a financial analyst.

All of their functional areas need to be effectively coordinated. A timeline should also be strictly followed. Since SMS marketing is more and more immediate, the team needs to plan, strategize, execute and adapt regularly.

Incorporate call to action buttons

Call to action buttons are a great way to increase the engagement of your customers with your SMS marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, you want your target to not only read your texts but to interact with them and act accordingly.

The team that takes care of your internet design can be of great help to guarantee that these buttons link to effectively designed pages. Here are some of the best tested and proven calls to action.

Click here

Sometimes, it’s not ideal to put all the information you want to convey in just one text. But the goal is for the reader to be curious about learning more. Add a “click here” button and link it to videos, social media pages, maps or, most commonly, your website.

Text to win marketing campaigns

Most customers would be more than willing to text you back if they were given the chance to win a gift or a discount.

Asking them to text increases their engagement efficiently. It also keeps reminding them that your business is worried about providing its audience with special opportunities. Text to win buttons can truly leverage your traffic, conversion and sales.

Buy now

Although it can seem quite aggressive, “buy now” buttons are perfect for customers who want to cut to the chase. After reading the info on your text, your target audience will be able to click and immediately access the sales page of your products or services.

If they feel like it adds value, the entire buying process will be finished in minutes or seconds.

Put our tips into practice and discover that SMS is still a powerful marketing force!

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The 3 Essential Steps to Get Started with SMS Marketing

You need to assure that your audience has an amazing user experience not only on your carefully designed website but also on other channels.

Here is how to get started with SMS marketing. Along with your internet design, it can build a lasting relationship with customers across all devices.

Collect mobile numbers

essential sms marketing mobile phone - The 3 Essential Steps to Get Started with SMS Marketing

In order for customers to willingly give you their phone numbers, cultivating trust is extremely important. They are much more likely to value yourmessages if they know that they will get the chance to receive exclusive offers.

These are some of the guidelines that tend to work better. Send no more than two texts per month. Only make special offers available to people who have shared their number.

Use SMS marketing as a reminder ofupcoming services, discounts or events. And use it as the preferred method to give updates on orders and appointments.

Be aware of technical diligence

essential sms marketing gadgets - The 3 Essential Steps to Get Started with SMS Marketing

If a customer unsubscribes to your SMS campaigns, you need to have measures in place that remove them from your list immediately. Each text you send has to include an unsubscribe button.

Be clear when explaining to your audience that some fees may apply from receiving your messages. That may occur when a customer has a limited SMS plan.

Implement your strategy

essential sms marketing planning - The 3 Essential Steps to Get Started with SMS Marketing

After you collect phone numbers from your customers and assure that you are respecting every legal requirement, it’s time to set up your SMS marketing campaign.

In the beginning, it can be very beneficial to hire a marketing agency or a third-party provider to help you get your strategy running. They will know how to embed unsubscribe and call to action buttons, track return on investment and manage your contact database.

Now that you’ve read our tips, it’s time to get to work!